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Orlando Arnold, MBA

President, MLBPA & NFLPA Certified

Orlando Arnold is former Division I-A athlete with over 10 years’ experience in sales, marketing, negotiation, and contracts. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications from Alabama State University and an MBA from Troy University. Born in Detroit, Michigan, Orlando was raised in the shadow of Tiger Stadium, The Palace of Auburn Hills, and Ford Field. Growing up in such a rich sports environment gave Orlando a passion for sports early on.

After participating in athletics all through high school and college, Orlando set his sights on a new challenge. The corporate world. The discipline and determination he’d cultivated over the years paid off well in his early years as a sales agent in the hospitality industry. It was here that Orlando learned the inner workings of contracts, negotiation, and marketing. After 5 years, Orlando set his sights on a slightly different challenge and stepped into the fast paced world of pharmaceutical sales. Excelling in this role, Orlando was able to refine his marketing and sales skills and led a high performing team. Throughout this time though, Orlando never lost his passion for athletics.

Shortly after graduating from Alabama State University, Orlando began working in coaching and player development in addition to his corporate career. To this end, he was successful. Orlando used his experience and talent to nurture and develop the skills of young athletes. A consummate and caring professional, Orlando helped 14 of these young athletes move on to the next level in their athletic journey, cultivating relationships with various coaches and athletic personnel along the way.

Although he was raised in the northern Midwest, Orlando has spent nearly the last 15 years in the Southeast. Orlando played his college ball in the Southeast, received his degrees in the southeast, and met his wife there as well. He’s planted a firm foundation with his family and Pyramid Sports & Entertainment Group in the southeast and is prepared to help you reach the pinnacle of success.

Orlando Arnold, MBA
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